Die Graphen von Tirol

This is about a project I participated in a couple of years ago…

Stefan Neuner, one of my closest friends, took the challenge of a new project co-authoring a new book, which is mainly focused on displaying over 200 charts about our home region Tyrol (Austria). The data which the graphs are based on goes back over 60 to 70 years. 

So this was a new challenge for Stefan. Not only in preparing the data, which was handed to him in various loose formats (Excel, newspaper articles, emails, paper notes, …) but also creating an enormous amount of charts in various types and each with its own data source.

After discussion of the requirements we very quickly realised that there must be some sort of programming involved. We decided to use the Adobe tools Illustrator and InDesign to do the job. I knew these could be scripted. And thats how we did it. Follow the following link to see a Prezi on the technical details on making this book.

Prezi on making of “Die Graphen von Tirol”

Please also visit the website of Team Globo for more details about the various projects there.

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